Our Sauce

We blend crushed tomatoes, herbs and spices to create a unique tasting sauce. Our sauce is made on premises on a daily basis and adds to our great tasting pizzas.

Our Dough

We don't believe in hauling bulk dough across the city or the province and neither do we believe in using frozen dough that is transported across the country. Our dough is made with a mixture of white and brown flour on our premises on as needed basis. Fresh dough that has risen to the appropriate level is the starting point of every great pizza.

Our Meats

We use quality meats that are all sliced at the premises. We use a mixture of herbs and spices to prepare the meats so that they contribute to the flavour of the pizza. The meat sauce that we use for our pastas is made fresh at our premises. We start with lean beef, vegies and spices to create a custom mix that is appreciated by our clients.

Our Vegetables

We use the freshest vegetables that are delivered to our premises several times a week. Our experience has shown that vegetables cut by blenders or mechanical slices end up being watery. Therefore, all the vegetables used in our pizzas are cut by hand. This is time consuming but produces superior results when making a great tasting pizza.

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